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Moving Home Checklist

Moving home can be such a stressful time and there’s a huge amount to remember to get done if everything is to run smoothly; using our moving house guide you can make sure you don’t miss anything!

4-6 weeks before the move

*  Confirm dates with buyers, sellers, estate agents and the David Gilkes Removals team; if you are renting, make sure you hand in notice to your landlord.

* Check your home insurance: make sure your belongings are covered from the very first day you move into your new home.

*  Have a clear out - Why add to the workload moving things you do not want any more? We collect good quality pre loved items from our customers and donate them to the Air Ambulance to help raise funds for their life saving service.

*  Run down the contents of your freezer.

Book storage space if required

Too much to move in one go?

Maybe you have staggered moving in and out dates and need somewhere to keep everything overnight?

Book short or long term storage at our secure facilities.

Notify utility companies of the move

Make sure you stop paying the bills as soon as you’ve moved out, and make sure gas, electric, water, telephone and broadband are all connected and ready when you move in.

House moving

2 weeks before the move

* Start packing those non-essential items like books, non-seasonal clothes or “spare room” furniture into well-labelled boxes the help things move faster on the moving day.

*Contact carpet fitters if required.

* Arrange for your utility services to be disconnected.

* Cancel all rental agreements.

* Get your post forwarded

* Make its easier on kids and pets -  It usually makes sense to keep children and pets away from the bustle of the move itself; try and arrange for someone to look after them on the big day.

* Double check the dates and times of the move with your removals team and estate agency.

Update all your important documents and accounts

Do not forget to inform everyone of a change in address and the date including; TV licensing, driving licence, vehicle registration documents, doctors, dentists, opticians, your bank, milkman, vet, newspaper shop and employer.

Get everything sorted out with your local council

That includes changing council tax over to your new property, informing benefits providers and the electoral roll of your change of address

Moving Hints & Tips

* Plan your move well in advance. If possible contact your chosen BAR Member up to a month prior to the move, even if you don't know the exact date. We will explain what services we offer and help you begin planning for your move.

* BAR Members provide free, no obligation, clear and fair quotes. As professional removers we can explain to you exactly what we can offer and the areas you need to think about. This way you can plan your time and concentrate on the essentials.

*Ask us for packing costs. We are trained professionals that know how best to protect your belongings, using the right materials and we will do it in a fraction of the time it will take you. We will also be happy to discuss insurance arrangements with you.

* When planning your move be aware that some removal days are busier than others, such as Fridays and Bank Holidays. Also remember that if something goes wrong with a sale or purchase your solicitor may not be available on a Saturday.

* Always look for a mover that displays the BAR CTSI Approved Code badge.

Keep the important things handy!

Keep a bag or folder of essentials you will need on the day; house keys, documents, contracts, wallets, purses, cards, any medicines you may need, something simple to eat and drink and, of course, the kettle and a few mugs!

Make sure your move goes smoothly following the checklist above and with the help of our experienced team on the day; contact us today with any questions and our friendly team will be happy to advise you as best they can.