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University Student Storage

If you have any queries regarding the storage of your items and/or the packing process please click here to read our Frequently Asked Questions page

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Please estimate boxes required.
Additional costs may be applicable if extra boxes are collected.
Similarly, if less are collected, the costs will be reduced accordingly.
We can supply a 'Student discounted box pack' should you need to buy boxes and packing materials.
Please click here for details and add to the order form below. Once paid for, we will deliver your box pack within 3 working days.

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Large Items
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Storage Charges

Storage charges will commence once we have collected your items.

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Delivery Details

Delivery cost will be calculated once the date is booked. You will be notified by email of the final charges and payment options.

Payment Details

Once you submit this form you will be presented with a PayPal payment option. Your order is not complete until payment has been made.

If you do not have a PayPal account, please email, for further payment options.

Terms & Conditions

I declare that I have read and understood the terms and conditions (click to open in new window) set out by David Gilkes & Sons Ltd and Insurance Summary (click to open in new window) an agree to them packing and storing my belongings.

Finalise your Order

We will send an email confirmation for the collection booking date.

We are working with the University to schedule collections, but due to restrictions put in place it is not possible to guarantee collection on a particular date. Please be assured however that as long as your order has been confirmed and a payment made, before your accommodation contract end date, we will have notified the University of your order.