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Warwick Uni Student Covid-19 Storage FAQ

1. Is the storage secure?

We have a fully secured/alarmed warehouse that is populated by staff Monday to Saturday.
There is CCTV inside the building and at the external entrance.

2. Can we pack your items from/in a shared kitchen?

We can do this if the instructions and description of which items belong to you are clear, please note we will not pack, flammable/perishable, goods.
It may be sensible to use video technology from your kitchen to identify goods.

3. Do you pack the bathrooms?


4. Can I have an inventory?

A full inventory of items in each box is made and the information will be passed on to you.
Any items not boxed, e.g. a guitar will be listed as loose items.

5. Do we deliver outside the UK?

Yes, we can deliver your goods outside the UK, charges will apply, prices on application. Please email the area and code for prices.

6. Are my items insured?

We will cover your goods up to £2500, the policy is NOT new for old and you must give a value of total consignment prior to collection.

7. How many boxes will I need? What if I order too many/not enough boxes?

Estimate the quantity by counting one metre shelf per small box and bedding, lamps, kitchen pans, etc for the large box. (i.e. one standard microwave will fit in a small box with a cushion on top).

You will only pay for the required number of boxes that are used, we may need to use more or less boxes, which will be listed and charged or refunded accordingly.

8. When do you pack and collect?

We will inform you by email which date your items are being collected, once your order form is processed.